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Storytelling in Cannabis Marketing

Gotta Story Media specializes in content marketing for the cannabis community. Services include storytelling, copywriting, brand strategy, podcasts, and digital video,

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Cannabis Content Marketing

Gotta Story Media creates original content marketing through storytelling, authentic copywriting, and brand positioning. People respond to stories that engage them and are relevant to their lives.

I'm bringing this concept to cannabis marketing and help rebrand the community away from the stoner stereotype. We need to connect with adults who are new to cannabis or are re-entering the community and finding a whole new world. Click here to learn more.

As an industry, we must first be a community.

There's no denying it. Educational content marketing is essential to both medicinal and adult-use cannabis brands & businesses.


Education is the Key

The cannabis community is up against 100 years of propaganda and stigma. We need to keep changing cultural perceptions and we’re on the right side of history. Here’s an example of story-based content for my Three Wells client. It’s entitled Talking About Cannabis. Read the story here.

After creating the overall messaging I shepherd that content through:

Website copy, Articles/Blogs, & Email Copy

Social Media Ads, Stories & Comments

SEO Keyword Writing (that doesn't seem like it)

Original Podcasts

Digital Video

Live Event Panel Moderator & Conference MC

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Engage Readers

Here's an example of content marketing in a traditional industry. I don't create advertising for a 70% off designer suit sale. I tell the story of the woman who bought the suit, was empowered by it, nailed the interview and got the job. Read the story here.

The essence of content strategy is the belief that if we, as businesses, deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information, they ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty.
— Content Marketing Institute
Chief storyteller Philip Rebentisch

Tell Stories

I’m Philip Rebentisch, Chief Storyteller and a two-term president of American Marketing Association Los Angeles. I started my career creating disruptive educational TV for NASA then moving into marketing, PR, and entertainment content for a variety of clients. The common thread has always been telling a good story. In advertising, this means listening to and speaking the language of your audience.

Community is the new currency and I'm here to lend a hand. Gotta Story? Lemme Tell It.