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Moderator Live Events

I serve as a panel moderator and conference host for live public events.

Panel Moderator


An intimate discussion in front of 200 people. 

I thoroughly enjoy public speaking, moderating live panel events, and serving as a conference host. Here are a few of the companies that I've encountered on this exciting journey as president of AMA Los Angeles. Yes, I'm available! 

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As a moderator, my goal is to say as little as possible and guide the panelists in conversation. It's about them, not me!

A few topics include:

  • #BLURREDLINES: Social Media. Whose in Charge?
  • DigiMarcon 2016: International Digital Marketing Conference Emcee
  • Digital Marketing @ the National Association of Broadcasters Convention 2018
  • Email & CRM Marketing
  • From Content to Conversion: Great Content is Worthless Without Great Distribution
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Launching a Brand
  • Movie Marketing Strategies and Promotional Tactics
  • Programmatic Advertising & AI
  • Sports Marketing: Who’s Got Game in LA?
  • Supersizing Social @ the National Association of Broadcasters Convention 2018
  • The Future Of Digital Advertising
  • Video Game Marketing

I do my homework and treat my panelists like honored guests. Contact me for rates and availability.