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Storytelling in Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis and CBD content marketing. Copywriting. Storytelling. Story telling. Brand strategy. Advertising. Cause Marketing. Authentic content. Community outreach.

Relatable storytelling helps brands connect with their customers.

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Talking About Cannabis

Content Marketing for Three Wells

Laurie was raised in a small, Midwestern town full of churches and farm supply stores. Her parents were deeply conservative….


A Senior Day Trip to Wellness

Content Marketing for Three Wells and Modern Buds

Life is good for the residents of Leisure World, a retirement community in Seal Beach, CA, and it’s not just the perfect weather or the gentle breeze coming from the Pacific ocean. On April 8, the Modern Buds cannabis dispensary provided a free shuttle service from Leisure World to its store a few miles away for a free dispensary and cannabis education tour….

Canna Claus & The Spirit of Giving

Ever wonder why jolly Ol’ St. Nick is always smiling? It’s because he owns the North Pole Collective and cultivates his own cannabis strains for adults (an indoor grow to be sure) named after his famous reindeer team:

Blitzen — A Sativa with an intense THC potency just like the name implies. Use caution.

— A passionate Indica that gets you feeling warm-hearted and hugs abound.

Comet — A Hybrid great for energy and creativity that sends you into orbit but is not as strong as Blitzen….

Read the full story at Three Wells.

Looking Back: Classic Strains, Pure Gold

James had the cassette tape deck set to record Don’t Look Back, the second album by the rock band Boston. He gently placed the turntable’s needle on the record for the first time and released the pause button on the tape deck. The recording was smoothly underway as the music flowed through his headphones.

Read more about the Golden Age of Devil Weed at Three Wells.


A Very Good Year: Wine & Cannabis Culture

Content Marketing for Three Wells

In German, my last name very loosely translates to Wine Table, and my father’s hobby was making homemade wine. I have fond boyhood memories of helping my dad. I’d shake the branches of our backyard Mulberry trees for the fruit, harvest peaches, sort and crush grapes and cranberries, and pester him with endless questions about fermentation.


Is There a Doctor in the House?

Content Marketing for Three Wells

Medical marijuana (MMJ) is legal in 33 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., and Canada. This wellness movement transcends politics, race, age, and social status because it is a grassroots effort (pun intended) led by people, not politicians.


Content Marketing for Andrei Ancee Fashion

Breathe. Just breathe and focus. My lips form a small letter o and I exhale slowly making a slight whistle, trying to blow the tension out of my body. Sometimes I have to remind myself that things will be OK.


The Write Stuff

Content Marketing for Smokin' Hot Pens

Over the past year or so, if you visited any coffee hangout, co-working space, company office, or business conference, you must have noticed a change in business culture: Millennials have made handwritten note-taking cool again. Take note; note-taking is back!


Content Marketing for Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are more than a brand, they are a lifestyle. For many owners, purchasing the expensive motorcycle is merely the first step.


Content Marketing for WeWork

I’m in startup mode with my new content marketing agency, Gotta Story Media. During the first 60 days I’m deliberately keeping costs down by not utilizing paid office space.


AMA Digest Banner


As a two-term president of American Marketing Association Los Angeles, I drafted copy for our weekly Digest email sent to thousands of marketing and content creation professionals in LA. I also drafted email marketing, newsletters, and announcements for Manhattan Advertising & Media Law whose clients are ad agencies.

Please see a few select examples: 

I've also worked in print, including copywriting for this recent campaign for Elevate Staffing, a global recruiting firm. 

Project: Create messaging for a global recruiting firm's Welcome Wagon promo.

Project: Create messaging for a global recruiting firm's Welcome Wagon promo.

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...Thank you! I write with a voice for the persona of the audience. It's not work, it's what I was born to do and I love it. Contact me to learn more.